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Mid-size flooring and coverings

Marazzi Advice

The choice of tile size is a matter of taste and space. Small and large tiles are best combined with a classic style, large or maxi tiles seem to be best suited to modern, minimal environments, and medium tiles – such as the classic 30x30 cm square tile – are a very versatile compromise between the two extremes, capable of adapting to all residential, commercial and office locations.

Browsing the catalogue of Marazzi’s medium sizes gives you an overview of the entire production of high-performance ceramic, porcelain stoneware and technical porcelain stoneware tiles for floor and wall coverings. The medium stoneware tiles are available for interior and exterior use; some collections can be used to tile both indoor and outdoor floors. Combining medium tiles with different sizes and varying their installation patterns counteracts excessive uniformity and creates visual partitions between continuous spaces with different functions. For medium outdoor stoneware tiles, there are also extra-thick 20 mm versions that are even tougher and are perfect for dry installation on grass, gravel and sand.

Medium Marazzi tiles are available in many colours – neutral, bright, light and dark – and with different tactile finishes. Thanks to high-resolution digital printing systems, ceramic and porcelain stoneware realistically reproduce the veining of wood and marble, the textures of stone and the shades of terracotta and concrete.

Ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles are chameleonic and, in the medium size, they are also embellished with geometric, striped and floral decors, damask or jacquard designs, patterns in the style of Art Nouveau cement tiles and three-dimensional surfaces.

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