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Market Stone and Concrete-Effect Stoneware 14-15 Mm

A new ceramic tile collection, conceived to provide all the tactile appeal of stone and concrete in retail and shopping locations. Available in 2 extra-thick sizes and 12 colour variants, Market is the ideal solution for creating projects with a strong personality in the most heavy-duty retail chain and shopping mall contexts.


  • Cement Crete
    Cement Crete
  • Cement Graphite
    Cement Graphite
  • Cement Sand
    Cement Sand
  • Cement Smoke
    Cement Smoke
  • Neutral Grey
    Neutral Grey
  • Neutral Sand
    Neutral Sand
  • Neutral White
    Neutral White
  • Solid Opale
    Solid Opale
  • Solid Smoke
    Solid Smoke
  • Solid White
    Solid White
  • Stone Beige
    Stone Beige
  • Stone Grey
    Stone Grey


  • Naturale/Matt


  • 45x45
  • 60x60


  • Skid resistance
  • Frost proof
  • Resistance deep abrasion


  • LEED Credits
    LEED Credits
  • Greenguard Certification
    Greenguard Certification