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Floor and covering tiles: colours and effects

Marazzi Advice

Floor and wall coverings must meet beauty, convenience and cleaning requirements. The choice of tiles for interior floor and wall coverings is crucial for giving a room character and style, both in a home and in commercial locations, restaurants and offices. These tiled surfaces are a base, like a canvas on which furniture and furnishing accessories are “painted”.

The Marazzi catalogue offers many different porcelain stoneware solutions for creating floor and wall coverings based on your taste and needs. Many collections feature tiles that are suitable for covering both floors and walls, indoors and outdoors. Others include various series of tiles that are already coordinated, facilitating the process of selecting and matching floor and wall coverings.

For floor and wall tiles, Marazzi offers a wide range of colours, mosaics and decors ranging from geometric to cement tiles, azulejo and three-dimensional textures. A large part of the catalogue is dedicated to stoneware tiles inspired by natural and building materials: wood, marble, stone, metal, terracotta, concrete, exposed brick and Venetian Terrazzo.

In terms of possible combinations, you can use decorative tiles or tiles with a textured pattern for the floor, while leaving the wall coverings monochrome. Or you can make the wall covering the standout feature with mosaics, designs and relief patterning, opting for a solid colour floor. Alternatively you can create a tone-on-tone effect, using the same colour or material for the floor and wall coverings, installing different sizes and playing with glossy, matt and three-dimensional surfaces to enliven the space.

The available tile sizes range from small to medium and large. The latter include extra-large tiles – up to 160x320 and 162x324 cm with a thickness of 6 and 12 mm –, which have formidable expressive potential for the interior design of both domestic spaces and commercial or office locations.

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