Floor tiles: ideas for your house

Marazzi Advice

When choosing floor tiles, you need to bear a few important things in mind. On the one hand, the floor coverings must be functional– anti-slip and resistant, depending on the use of the room in which they are installed – and on the other hand, they must be pleasing to the eye and must match the furniture style.

For the floor, the decision to opt for tiles rather than another solution is determined by their performance characteristics. Ceramic and porcelain stoneware are durable, tough, waterproof, stain-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean compared to natural materials – wood, marble and stone – and compared to concrete, resin, terracotta and other surfaces (such as laminate, carpet or PVC). Floor tiles also require less daily attention and ordinary maintenance than delicate materials such as wood and terracotta.

A tiled floor can be installed in damp environments such as the bathroom and kitchen, in outdoor areas and, finally, in areas subject to heavy loads such as a driveway or a garage. Not only the bathroom and kitchen, but every room in the house can be paved with ceramic or stoneware tiles: the entrance, the living room and the bedroom.

The range of Marazzi floor tiles gives you freedom to be completely inventive. A limitless source of inspiration for the house’s interior floors is provided by coloured tiles – which range from classic shades of black, white, grey and beige to all the colours of the rainbow, with their infinite different shades – and tiles similar to natural or building materials: wood, marble, stone, metal, concrete, terracotta, exposed brick and Venetian Seminato.

Alongside the many different colours, the Marazzi catalogue offers a variety of sizes for floor tiles – mosaic, small, medium, large and maxi – designed to be combined together to enliven an environment that is too uniform or to mark out particular areas, such as an open space living area with a kitchen, dining room and lounge.

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