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Porcelain stoneware: discover all the effects

Explore all the looks available. Search the floor and wall tiles in wood, stone, marble, terracotta and concrete looks.

Tiles Cementine Tiles - Marazzi Cementine Tiles

Love the patterns of traditional cement tiles and the powdery texture of ...

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Tiles Solid color tiles - Marazzi Solid color tiles

If you prefer the subtle beauty of solid colour to patterned decoration ...

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Tiles Wood Effect - Marazzi Wood Effect

Looking for an alternative to parquet? Explore an inimitable solution: Treverk and ...

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Tiles Concrete Effect - Marazzi Concrete Effect

Concrete and terracotta effect tiles: Explore the Marazzi collections intended for lovers ...

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Tiles Stone Effect - Marazzi Stone Effect

Structured and natural surfaces for use indoors and outdoors, in commercial and ...

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Tiles Marble Effect - Marazzi Marble Effect

The beauty of rare marbles, for iridescent floor and wall coverings. Marble ...

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