Blue Marble Effect Tiles

Marazzi Advice

Blue is a colour which rarely occurs in nature, so it has been sought-after and associated with exotic places ever since ancient times. The blue marble-effect stoneware offered by Marazzi reproduces both an exquisite marble with vibrant varied shades of blue and white-grey streaks and a granite rich in quartz and minerals which create a tasteful mix of shades from blue to grey.

 Available in large and very large slabs, blue marble-effect porcelain stoneware is also one of the infinite expressive options for less conventional small and medium tiles, in the “four curve tile” which has become a design classic. The blue marble effect is also offered in mosaic version.

 Blue marble-effect tiles will not fail to impress as a wall covering, whether in a home – such as for the lounge or bathroom – or in offices, shops and public venues. In all cases, blue porcelain stoneware in large slabs can also customise the surfaces of washbasins, countertops and other furnishings.

 In shades of blue, the elegance of the marble effect combines with all the benefits of stoneware, such as strength, durability and easy cleaning.

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