Blue Cementine Tiles Tiles

Marazzi Advice

Several collections include blue cement tiles in the typical small square sizes: 20x20, 15x15 or 10x10 cm. Particularly versatile, many of them reflect a stylistic approach inspired by the hand-production of ceramic tiles. Other collections offer blue cement tile effect tiles in the convenient medium sizes.

Relaxing blue is one of the favourite colours for the tiles of the bathroom, the room in the home where we pamper ourselves with a little restorative calm and personal care. Blue cement tiles in the bathroom are perfect for lovers of both modern and classical styles. Blue cement tiles in the kitchen, on the other hand, are a more unconventional choice. In the kitchen, blue gives a touch of originality that also looks good with the most traditional materials, such as the wood and marble of furnishings and material effect tiles.

There are plenty of solid colours for blue cement tiles in ceramic or porcelain stoneware. Designs range from the geometrical patterns of traditional cement tiles to stylised variants, and from tiny patterns to decors derived from majolica ware and jacquard or lace textile motifs. In decors, blue is mixed with other colours - such as grey, white and beige - or creates effects with tone-on-tone shade variations.

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