Beige Cementine Tiles Tiles

Marazzi Advice

Beige cement tiles combine the vintage appeal of cement tiles with a colour with endless potential, easily combined with other shades in tasteful design schemes. Ivory, sand, walnut, camel, taupe and mud: rather than just one beige there are an infinite variety of pale shades which may be closer to brown, yellow or grey (in which case the term used is greige).

Beige square and hexagon cement tiles are perfect for furnishing rooms with a delicate total look or for balancing stronger colours such as white, black or bright hues. The Marazzi catalogue offers beige cement tile effect tiles in both tone-on-tone versions, with light and dark variations, and multicoloured, with beige combined with blue or red, for example. What’s more, the variety of surface patterning suits different tastes and styles: from the traditional geometrical cement tile motifs to contemporary patterns, and from majolica ware or azulejo designs to textile motifs.

The versatility of beige cement tiles in porcelain stoneware or ceramic is not limited to colours but also extends to the locations in which the floor or wall covering is to be used. They are an excellent solution for any room: they look great in the kitchen, the bathroom or the bedroom, and in the lounge as well. What’s more, beige cement tiles are also an outstanding interior design option for public venues.

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