Bathroom Porcelain Tiles for walls and floors

Tiles and mosaics for your bathroom and for lining your shower. View the Marazzi ceramic tile and porcelain stoneware collections for the bathroom and a home spa.

Marazzi Advice

Before covering a bathroomor a home spa, you must first choose the materials. Marazzi ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles are anti-slip, durable, resistant, easy to clean and do not require special maintenance treatments. These characteristics make them preferable to other solutions, such as stone, wood or resin for floors and wallpaper or water-based paint for walls. In addition, stoneware substitutes valuable materials– such as wood, stone, marble and metal – with an extraordinarily natural and realistic look.

Often the starting point for deciding which ceramic and stoneware coverings to use in a bathroom or wellness room is the colour scheme: from neutral to dark tones and from bright to pastel colours. Colours must be carefully chosen because they also change according to the tile’s texture. Tiles with a matt finish make bathroom lighting softer, while tiles with a glossy finish make it more intense. Tiles with a three-dimensional effect, on the other hand, create a very interesting interplay of light and shade.

For bathroom tiles, rather than choosing a colour, you can focus on whether tiles match or contrast with your house’s dominant style: modern, classic or vintage. Some Marazzi collections are so versatile that they can be adapted to both elegant, classic bathrooms and to minimal Nordic interiors. Others are best combined with a more distinctive style, such as vintage.

You can experiment with bathroom tiles not only by pairing colours and textures, but by combining sizes and dimensions: from the classic square design to rectangular brick, mosaic and large sizes. Skilful use of colours, sizes and dimensions helps to optically correct very small or long and narrow bathrooms, making them look larger or more proportionate.

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