When Treverk becomes Chic

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When Treverk becomes Chic - 1

The new series features a more hand-crafted, creative look, which combines with the distinctive characteristics of the material that originally inspired the product (naturalness, warmth, tactile appeal) to deliver a unique, inimitable product.

The latest member of family Treverk is called Treverkchic.

Marazzi, always at the cutting edge of product development, has conducted a thorough analysis of the latest trends and moods in home design and extended its offering with a different, new, exclusive interpretation of wood and its infinite potential.
The new series features a more hand-crafted, creative look, which combines with the distinctive characteristics of the material that originally inspired the product (naturalness, warmth, tactile appeal) to deliver a unique, inimitable product. This is further enhanced by the new 19x150 size, whose longer length emphasizes the product’s patterning and the natural look of the completed floor, which is incredibly similar in appearance to the real wood that inspired the project.

To create Treverkchic Marazzi began by selecting rare, fine woods like Walnut (Italian, American, French and Stained), and the less familiar Teak (from Africa and Asia). The company resolved to stick to its original choice of using fine woods in order to pursue the successful blend of sophisticated aesthetics and Marazzi advanced production technologies.
Grown all over the world, Noce is a tree which is highly valued for the quality of its wood; it replaced oak as the material of choice for fine furniture and remained popular, especially in Italy, throughout the Renaissance, while in the 17th century it was highly prized in France and England. There are different types of walnut from various parts of the world and they share a number of common characteristics. 

Italian walnut is brown in colour with dark brown/black streaks and veining in all shades of brown. American walnut, referred to in Italy as Canaletto walnut, is similar to Italian walnut in quality and veining but is darker brown in colour, while French walnut is recognisable for its chestnut brown colour. Last of all, stained walnut features the same kind of veining and characteristics as the other varieties, but is artificially “stained” to produce a beige/grey shade with a contemporary appeal.

Teak is mainly used for the construction of outdoor furniture and articles, marine decking and wherever outstanding water resistance is
paramount. It is a native species in the natural forests of the Indian subcontinent and, relatively recently, successful teak plantations have been established in Africa and Central America.
Teak was brought to Europe at the start of the 19th century, with the discovery of its exceptional usefulness in the shipbuilding industry.
Its key advantages are: it is extremely hard and possesses excellent dimensional stability, water resistance and beauty.
In terms of patterning, teak is less variegated than other woods, with a more uniform texture, characterized by the random presence of more pronounced veining, a typical feature of this wood. Although both varieties are light in colour, they differ slightly insomuch as Asian teak has a colder, greyish tone while African teak tends towards a warmer beige tone.

Laying surfaces with large sized tiles in rows creates a contemporary look; the non-uniform colour typical of fine wood is further emphasized by the wax finish which enhances our collection’s “wood look” strip after strip. Whether on its own or combined with other materials, the collection lends itself to important, prestige architectural solutions. Current trends in interior design favour innovation but shun excess, attributing particular importance to colour and the environment. The underlying principle, expressed in the various different approaches
to design, is to combine the traditional – for example, using wood/wood-effect surfaces – and the contemporary, represented by designer objects; that vibrant mix of past and present is still very much in vogue, as the home represents a refuge where we can feel safe and protected, but also a place that provides space for a modern, hi-tech lifestyle that is open to the world.

Treverkchic stands for innovation and luxury, for floors we can cherish underfoot every day in our own home.