When a brand is part of the national heritage

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Creativity, innovation, Italian identity, historic importance. Marazzi embodies all these values, now confirmed by Historic Brand of National Interest status.

Marazzi has been placed on Italy’s Special Register of Historic Brands of National Interest, established by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.
The title of “Marchio Storico di Interesse Nazionale” (Historic Brand of National Interest) is awarded to Italian companies with a trademark that has been registered or in use for at least fifty years and a strong bond to their local area, which have shaped and continue to contribute to the history of Italian enterprise. 

Marazzi’s history has always symbolised what it means to be Italian: a creative, productive organisation and a trailblazer in many areas of design and research. 
In fact the company, founded in 1935 at Sassuolo, Modena, has been responsible for the main process and product innovations in the ceramic and stoneware tile industry, which have made the company and the Italian district a benchmark for the entire ceramics world.  (Find out more about Marazzi’s history)

The new status mark created by the Ministry, consisting of an image of Italy surrounded by the words “marchio storico” (historic brand) which will now appear next to the Marazzi logo, is a major accolade for the value and outstanding history of a brand universally recognised as synonymous with high-quality ceramic floor and wall tiles, and symbolising the best of Italian style and manufacturing in the interior decoration and design sector.