The Wellness Room – The Villa

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In the second solution, which is entirely covered with ceramic, a large bathtub positioned in the middle of the room promotes a perception of the bathroom as a rejuvenating oasis of absolute wellbeing.

The whole space is designed for freely moving around and indulging in a calming atmosphere for personal care. Decorative tiles on the walls allow you to enhance a space’s aesthetic appeal and lend it character, in keeping with the style you want to adopt. An armchair in which you can relax carefree and a floor-to-ceiling window that overlooks the skyline, almost transforming the bathroom into a living room, but with a more intimate, private allure. The wall coverings helped us create two different versions of this interior, one of which is more elegant and dominated by natural colours with the use of Cannella-coloured Terratech, Allmarble Pulpis and the Club decor of Allmarble Golden White. The other is more colourful thanks to Eclettica Anthracite and Sage and the D_Segni Colore decor with the minimal Mystone Moon floor.