The Wellness Room – Stylish & Decorative

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With the rise of a culture increasingly focused on expressing the personality and style of the homeowner, our relationship with the domestic space has changed from one which prioritises functionality to one that takes a more creative approach to the bathroom.

The decorative nature of this project is accentuated and defined by both the architecture – through a large circular window that dominates the room and complements the sinuous forms of the shower – and the furnishings.

In the first version the pink tones of the mosaic and Carioca decor of the Eclettica wall covering are lightened by the dominant grey of the Grande Terrazzo Grey collection on the floor; in the second version, the blue and white shades of the Crogiolo Scenario and Zellige collections are unmistakably Mediterranean in style, brought up to date by the highly malleable pure white stoneware slabs that frame the circular window and the entrance to the room.