The Wellness Room – The Spa

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The bathroom as a place for relaxing, meditating and returning to nature; a place to unwind and escape from noise and stress.

The project is based on a few key elements: aesthetic rigour, simple forms and a few pleasant details that transform the bathroom into a place for worshipping our bodies, a haven of relaxation, rest and meditation.

The architecture dialogues with the surrounding environment, natural light creates a relationship between the areas, the spaces are open and the walls become large windows that create a continuum between the interior and exterior.

The first look designed for the Spa is colder and ‘stony’, created with the use of Mystone Ardesia stone-effect stoneware in all three variants – Antracite, Cenere and Bianco – mixed together on the floor with a herringbone pattern made up of 20×90 cm listel tiles and paired with the Crogiolo Zellige 10×10 cm Gesso/Carbone mosaic chosen for the wall of the showers. The other version is warmer and brighter thanks to the use of Terratech technical porcelain stoneware in the colours Salvia and Polvere for both the floor and walls in the shower and washbasin area where the module mosaic has been laid in the same colours.