The Wellness Room – Pure Nordic

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A simple, well-lit bathroom inspired by nature: simple, stylised lines that prioritise pure functionality.

The main goal of Nordic interiors is to take advantage of the precious resource that is natural light. The spaces are designed with large windows that let in lots of natural light.

Distinctive for its simple forms combined with natural colours, the first version opts for a light stone effect for the large-size wall covering – Magnifica Limestone Sand – embellished by the Mikado structure and mosaic with metal inserts, combined with Vero stoneware on the floor, in this case laid with a herringbone pattern. The second solution employs a mix of matt and textured finishes like those of Mystone Moon, grey and white, which contrast with the brilliance of Crogiolo Lume in white, placing the emphasis firmly on linearity and uniformity with large spaces and a general balance of forms. On the floor, the Venetian Terrazzo of the precious Ghiara collection.