The Wellness Room – Deluxe

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Guests of hotels or residences tend to focus close attention on the bathroom.

As well as respecting hygiene standards, clients usually make sure that the bathroom, together with its fittings and furnishings, respects aesthetic as well as basic functional criteria, prioritising spaces that integrate harmoniously with the rest of the property. An exclusive and classy bathroom adds a touch of extra sophistication and comfort to a hotel room, even if small. Just a few carefully chosen details are enough: a shower with an elegant combination of glass and fine wall coverings, a hung mirror and fixtures in the same shades as the coverings. A haven of peace and wellbeing, as well as modern luxury. The choice of high-quality materials once again makes the difference: the marble of Grande Marble Look Sahara Noir paired with Vero wood in the Castagno finish for the first version and Scenario Decoro Mix in Nero with Treverklook White on the floor for the other; in both cases it is the wall coverings, in dark tones, which give the two bathrooms their atmosphere and comfort.