Venetian Seminato-effect stoneware for a tropical-style restaurant

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Architects choose Pinch for a small Hawaiian restaurant recently opened in Palermo

Poké Boll recently opened in the centre of Palermo, a colourful restaurant serving take-away poke, the typical Hawaiian raw fish dish that has also become popular in Italy in recent years.

The renovation project for the restaurant was entrusted to the team of architects from the Didea studio, which oversaw the stylistic design and functional reorganisation of the space – premises of around 60 m2 previously occupied by a pizzeria. The team was tasked to create a restaurant with an exotic mood that reinterprets the colours and atmosphere of tropical landscapes.

To achieve this result, the designers focused on colour, which is bright and present in all the spaces in the restaurant, and on the plant decorations featured on the multicoloured wallpaper chosen for the walls. To highlight the exotic inspiration, numerous plants were used as furnishing elements, both suspended and on the walls: the entrance shutters, for example, were entirely covered with vegetation, enhancing the entrance to the restaurant with an immediate view of the counter on which the poke is prepared.

A desire to evoke natural atmospheres and surfaces led the architects to opt for Venetian Terrazzo-effect stoneware in the Pinch collection, chosen both for the flooring and for the covering of the lower part of the walls. The collection is available in 5 colours ranging from white to black: the chosen grey tone (Dark Grey) effectively matches the venue’s jungle mood and enhances the cobalt blue colour used to cover the furniture and architectural elements. The charm of Venetian Seminato, reinterpreted on porcelain stoneware, gives the restaurant a look that is contemporary and trendy, yet sophisticated and informal.



Studio Didea project 

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