Treverkview, the unique vein patterns of oak in the new Marazzi wood-effect stoneware

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Explore the new wood-effect stoneware collection that offers oak with its natural vein patterns and nine different colours.

Oak is one of the most fashionable woods in interior design today.
A wood typical of the Italian tradition, it is very popular for its natural light, warm colour and the large variety of shades and finishes available.

Oak is an excellent compromise for those in search of a contemporary look who still want a home with a warm "feel": natural-finish oak parquet has a distinctive light colour and a warm vein pattern which turns a characteristic pale yellow over time and with exposure to the light. Oak may be colder or warmer, lighter or darker in colour depending on its shade and the treatment used, but always retains its signature vein patterns.

Treverkview is the new product from Marazzi that provides all the beauty of oak on a porcelain stoneware tile.

The collection focuses on a single, rectified 20×120 cm size, which recalls the large boards used in parquet floors. However, the compositional options are extended by the range of nine different shades, starting from natural oak and working through to warm hues (honey, beige oak and caramel oak), darker tones (brown and dark oak), cool colours like taupe and grey oak, or finally the lightest version in ivory oak.

The original variability of the vein patterns is reproduced on the ceramic surface with an impressively natural, realistic look, for a floor that combines the beauty of wood and the convenience of stoneware.

In this case, the beauty of oak is not only for indoor use.
Treverkview is also available for outdoors, in three versions: natural, honey and taupe. Here again, the size is the 20×120 large board, to allow attractive indoor-outdoor continuity effects.

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