Treverksoul, the wood-effect porcelain stoneware with the charm of antique parquet

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Small size and 45° angle for innumerable installation possibilities and decorative contemporary patterns

Wood-effect stoneware remains one of the most popular choices in the area of ceramic tiles and now boasts new shapes and patterns to offer more realistic aesthetic results.

The new Treverksoul collection from Marazzi offers a refined wood-effect porcelain stoneware, inspired by the parquet of historic old buildings but given a contemporary new twist.

The first distinctive characteristic of the Treverksoul collection is the size of the tiles.

In fact, the small 11×54 cm dimensions with 45° angle are perfect for recreating the French herringbone pattern (the so-called Chevron pattern), one of the most popular interior design patterns of the moment, as demonstrated at Cersaie which has just concluded.

Unlike the traditional herringbone pattern, the French (or Hungarian) pattern is distinctive for the 45° angles of the tile ends which make it possible to create a highly symmetrical effect not otherwise present with classic installations. It is certainly a more lavish installation pattern compared with traditional herringbone and for this reason it was used on wood floors in buildings of particular architectural value.

Not just herringbone patterns: the original size of the Treverksoul wood-effect stoneware also makes it perfect for creating refined and unusual effects. For example, thanks to the 45° angle a simple parallel listel tile pattern creates a really contemporary decorative effect on the floor.

Treverksoul is also available in three colours (Brown, Grey, Neutral), which can be combined with each other to create interesting colour effects and highlight the decorative floor pattern.

The particularly realistic results of the Treverksoul wood-effect stoneware are guaranteed by the rich colours of the collection, with a particular shade variation that recreates the natural and timeless effect of the parquet of yesteryear for a nostalgic yet nevertheless contemporary look.

Treverksoul is part of the broad Treverk range of Marazzi wood-effect porcelain stoneware, comprising numerous collections aimed at satisfying both the most contemporary and the most classic of tastes.

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