Treverklife, the oak-effect porcelain stoneware inspired by Venetian navigation dolphins

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Maritime appeal for Treverklife: the oak-wood effect - 1

The beauty of imperfection in an oak-effect stoneware that carries the marks left by time on its surface 

Nowadays, wood-look stoneware is so realistic that it even reproduces the distinctive flaws of the inspiration material.

Wood is a living material, and its beauty derives from its ability to change with the passage of time, and carry the traces left by its transformation on its surface: these flaws are the distinctive features of the latest, most exquisite wood-look tile collections.

 Marazzi's new Treverklife collection is a wood-effect porcelain stoneware inspired by a very unusual form of wear, as found on the navigation posts, or "dolphins", of the Venetian lagoon.

Have you ever seen the massive oak posts stuck into the waters of the lagoon to mark out the navigation channels for boats? Treverklife is inspired by these unusual wooden objects, and is a stoneware with all the beauty of time-worn oak, eroded by seawater and small marine molluscs. A stoneware lovely to look at and with a very distinctive tactile appeal.

The Treverklife mood is warm and welcoming: the three colours available - Honey, Cherry and Walnut - are three different shades of the same wood, natural oak, with the warm hues it acquires through lengthy exposure to the sun.

The Treverklife tile size is also steeped in history and tradition: the collection is available in two sizes, 25x150 cm and 20x120 cm, which evoke old wooden board floorings. To provide plenty of scope for the imagination, Treverklife also features two decorative options: the “Industrial” decor, including the different wood shades in diagonal pattern, and the hexagon chip tile mosaic, which combines all the different tones of wood with a hexagon shape.

Treverklife is the perfect flooring to bring warmth to any interior, to give a time-worn touch to a home or small business, and to bestow personality on even the most contemporary spaces. 

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