Treverkland, the beauty of untreated wood in two new sizes for combined installation

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When size and installation make all the difference for a perfect wood-effect stoneware floor

Although there is a wood flooring trend to use untreated surfaces with a very tactile character, at the same time the most current stoneware collections offer a wood effect with a rustic, natural style.

Such is the case with Treverkland, Marazzi’s new collection for those searching for a top-quality wood-effect porcelain stoneware floor with a natural appearance. Inspired by untreated oak floor boards, it features knots and veins in five colour variants and in two surfaces – natural and matt – and two different sizes for combined installation.

Indeed, the choice of installation, along with the choice of finish, is one of the variables that should not be underestimated when choosing a wooden or wood-effect stoneware floor.  

The most common installation is the one with end-to-end planks known as “brick bond”: the planks are offset in an irregular manner, producing a lively, natural effect. In this case, the use of planks of different sizes makes the result even more textured and aesthetically pleasing, since offsetting the planks enlivens the design of the floor.

For a more modern, geometric look, another solution for installing wood-effect porcelain stoneware is the so-called “stack bond”: the planks, which are laid in parallel and are not offset, form a regular grid. The alternation of two different sizes lends movement to this type of installation without losing its contemporary, linear character.

In order to reproduce these types of installation as well as possible, Treverkland is designed in two sizes, 10×100 cm and 13×100 cm, which, when combined together, help to recreate a natural, time-worn effect.

Take inspiration from the photo gallery before choosing your perfect wood-effect stoneware.