How to transform unused spaces into comfortable homes: the example of the Dependance MC in Como

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A carefully thought-out renovation project with Treverkhome wood-effect stoneware and Multiquartz outdoor stoneware 

With a carefully thought-out renovation project, unused premises can be transformed into modern homes equipped with all amenities.

One impressive example is the Dependance MC transformation project, by VS Architettura, at Bellagio, near Como in Italy. The project converted three unused garages, part of a prestige country house, into a residential annexe.

On the outside, the project fits perfectly into the context of the main house and its grounds. To maintain the unity of the facade, the three existing openings on the building's front elevation, two of them originally with arches, were retained. The new openings created in the secondary elevation were in the same style as those on the front – arched with hinged shutters.

The outdoor area connecting the annexe to the garden was also upgraded with a new paving.

Marazzi Multiquartz stone-effect stoneware, with its extremely tactile appearance and strong shade variation, fits perfectly into prestige landscaped outdoor locations: it was used for the new paving in Gray colour, in the 30X60 cm size.

On the inside, the project makes effective use of the existing layout and architecture, creating a very attractive open space with platform, furnished in rustic, cosy style.

Where possible, the bare stones of the existing masonry were recovered as a feature, while the wooden staircase and platform match the wooden trusses of the original ceiling.

Treverkhome wood-effect stoneware, installed on the floor and on parts of the walls for a boiserie panelling effect, fits perfectly into this historic setting. Treverkhome has all the exquisite, rich veining of wood, with a very natural, tactile look. This project uses Treverkhome in the 30×120 cm size and Larice (larch) finish, a material with a natural, very warm mood that blends in particularly well with the existing wood.