Treverkcountry, the wood-effect stoneware for lovers of rustic yet modern design schemes

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Hints for achieving a perfect country chic style, where rustic wood is the key feature

All the beauty of wood without sacrificing the convenience of stoneware: this is why wood-effect tiles have become the favourite solution of vast numbers of customers and interior designers.

Wood continues to be one of the most widely used finishing materials, and even more so today, when the country style is back in fashion: the country-chic style, with its eclectic mix of rustic and modern elements, is enjoying a boom in popularity.

The new country style combines unfinished materials and rustic furniture with items with more contemporary lines, and uses paler, subtler colour schemes than the traditional country style, and fabrics with natural patterns instead of the usual floral and tartan patterns.

This furnishing style therefore retains the warm, welcoming, rustic mood of the traditional country style, but without some of its more hackneyed features.

In these moods created with neutral shades, the tactile character of wood is enhanced and highlighted, becoming a decorative element in its own right. Therefore, flawed, time-worn, perhaps salvaged woods are the ideal material for adding character and depth to design schemes of this type.

The new country style is the inspiration for Treverkcountry, the Marazzi rustic parquet-effect stoneware: tiles that offer all the beauty of time-worn parquet in a contemporary language, with an impeccably realistic appearance.

One of the most common concerns of customers who have chosen wood-effect porcelain stoneware is always this: how can they be sure that the stoneware will really look like natural wood after installation?

Apart from the quality of the material itself, care must be taken over a number of details during installation: the choice of a tone-on-tone colour for the grout, for example, will make the final effect much more natural.

Another recommendation for making the stoneware's effect even more realistic is to install different tile sizes in alternation, to vary the texture and avoid repetitive patterns. To enable this, Treverkcountry is available in the new 10×100 cm and 13×100 cm sizes, always for installation together.

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