The Treverk wood effect line: what’s the difference?

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The Treverk line conveys all the natural beauty of wood, in all its many facets. A wide choice, from the warm and natural to the rare and luxurious.

The Marazzi wood-look collections provide different interpretations of various kinds of wood and of the natural surfaces that have inspired them.

Treverk is the first Marazzi wood-look collection, and its great success has inspired us to continue our work on the use of wood-effects in different, fresh directions. 
Treverkhome and Treverkchic provide a very accurate reintepretation of the natural materials and the different types of wood, with a perfect imitation of the warmer varieties in the former case and the rarest, most costly woods in the latter.

Treverksign and Treverkatelier, on the other hand, are more contemporary interpretations: natural surfaces and unusual colours in the case of Treverksign, and worn, bleached, more shabby chic woods for Treverkatelier.

Treverkway is Treverkhome’s “little sister”: the same natural, very warm colours and surfaces but in just one size, 15×90, instead of three modular sizes as for Treverkhome.

Basically, every collection that has Treverk in its name is a Marazzi wood-look stoneware: a product of exceptional quality, available in a large number of exclusive interpretations, from which you can choose your preferred option.