A travel experience of comfort

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The topics covered in Marazzi’s international ADV campaign include contract interiors for the hotel industry. A virtual Boutique Hotel shows us an interior that uses surfaces to tell its story and reflect its ceaseless technological research.

We’ll be travelling again, and even better than before; above all, we won’t be satisfied with anything less than a quality experience. Travel will respond to the increasingly prevalent demand for wellbeing, and the emotional demands of wellness will be fulfilled by the objects and surfaces around us. This is what we learn from the latest research into the changes in the way we enjoy our travel experiences. 

Just as we are rethinking our home interiors after the pandemic, those of the hotel sector are also evolving fast and furiously. Hospitality locations are becoming more and more versatile and focus strongly on lifestyle, aiming to create interiors where every guest can enjoy a unique experience of intimacy, also serving the needs of the business traveller. Issues of safety and hygiene are no less important, and together with digitalisation they are driving a major revolution in products and services for the large and varied public of end customers and the B2B market.

These considerations regarding our living-spaces are the focus of Marazzi’s development work. In fact, one of the subjects of the new international advertising campaign is dedicated to the hotel contract world: a Boutique Hotel where the floors are covered with the new Mystone Travertino collection in warm shades and with variegated decoration, an extension of the Mystone stone-effect porcelain stoneware collections.

Thanks to the Sublime Sync technology, the design is perfectly matched with the structure of the surface finish, giving it a depth that has never been achieved before.

This new production solution combines high-definition digital printing, with its precise alternations of glossy and matt shades, with equally high-definition production processes that define and customise multiple surface textures. The correspondence between the material’s colour and structure reaches previously unthinkable heights of perfection. In this collection, the texture of the travertine stone surfaces is presented with all the splendour of the glints and gleams of light created by the material’s distinctive porosity, and an antique tactile allure.  

The performances of the Mystone surfaces are enhanced with new technologies: StepWise, to guarantee anti-slip properties, and High Performance, for superlative technical characteristics compliant with the toughest international standards.

The walls are covered with the small 5×15 size of the Crogiolo Rice collection, in Grigio colour. The collection enables infinite possibilities, through single-size or multiple-size installations, combining many of the characteristics of “bespoke” production with all the benefits of industrial manufacturing.

The tactile, uneven surfaces of Crogiolo Rice are glossy and slightly satiny, with a soft glaze that conveys all the character of antique majolica ware. The walls covered with this collection’s small-size tiles are rich in changes in tone, light and shade, and luminescent effects due to the surface’s varied texture.