Total White, Three-dimensionality and lightness.

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Total White, Three-dimensionality and lightness. - 1

Essenziale ceramic tiles: the new way to design walls.

Essenziale is a large-size, thin wall covering, the new range of "white" tiles, in line with the "white total look" fashion in interior design.  Absolute white, the colour that is not a colour, pure, calm light which broadens atmospheres and renders them ethereal, a step forward towards the advanced use of colour.

Complementing various materials including wood, marble and stone, it allows interiors to be customised in sophisticated,  reassuring style.

The Essenziale collection expresses this concept by developing the use of White on two different surfaces: glossy and satiny.  The large 40x120 size allows extensive walls to be clad with minimal breaks, to extend the effect of seamless continuity of covering.

The range is completed by two types of three-dimensional structure which emphasise its surfaces