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Total Treverkhome for the La Paz home in Madrid

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Wood Effect Treverkhome in Madrid - 1

The story of a renovation project in part classical and part contemporary style, with wood-effect stoneware the only unifying feature

Treverkhome wood-effect stoneware was chosen by the architects of ITTA Estudio as the guiding characteristic in the renovation of La Paz, a home in Spain which was in need of modernisation and functional transformation. In its original condition, the home lacked space, was badly lit and had many stylistic shortcomings.

The project presented to the client by ITTA Estudio set out to restyle the home completely while maintaining a classical touch, in order to conserve some decorative details to which the owners were particularly attached.

The first part of the home to receive attention was definitely the corridor, with its many doors which made it a very dated, inconvenient feature. Parts of the walls were removed and the old-style subdivision enforced by the doors was eliminated to create a more free-flowing dialogue between corridor, entrance hall and living room. The inclusion of a large sliding door in the new passage was also a great improvement in terms of the visual perception of space.

The decision to install a new floor covering which would provide unity of look between the various rooms within the home and create continuity between the different areas was fundamentally important. To achieve this, after careful consideration the architects chose Treverkhome wood-effect stoneware in the 15x120 size and Olmo colour, which proved ideal for conveying the warm, homely feel typical of wood finishes with all the famed convenience of porcelain stoneware.

The only notes of colour, in a delicate grey, are applied to the dividing wall between the lounge and the corridor with its large sliding door, while the other walls are left snowy white, contrasting sharply with the dark wood of the antique furniture.

The clever mix of the modern and the classical is also repeated in the choice of lighting systems, combining elegant table lamps with more modern ceiling light fittings, for example.




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