The Top, the stoneware for the most discerning kitchens!

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Marazzi The Top: the Stoneware for the most Discerning Kitchens - 1

Extra-thick Marazzi Grande maxi-size slabs are the ideal covering for kitchen countertops, bathroom counters and made-to-measure solutions

All the beauty, versatility and convenience of stoneware, not just as floor and wall covering, but also as an option for cladding countertops, backsplashes and tables: all this is now easier thanks to Marazzi The Top, the selection of stoneware maxi-slabs 12 mm thick.

Porcelain stoneware is being more and more widely used as a kitchen countertop finishing material.

The very large 160x320 cm size enables the creation of an all-in-one countertop, including sinks, with a vast choice of looks: marble, concrete, stone, metals and intense solid black and white. Water-repellent and resistant to scratches, stains and acids, as well as thermal shocks, stoneware enables users to work directly on the countertop, and place boiling-hot pans on it without damaging its surface.

The exceptional strength of stoneware means it can also be installed outdoors, for the construction of kitchen countertops that do not fade in the sunlight, and are immune to frost and high temperatures.

Easily cleaned with just hot water, stoneware is also one of architects' favourite finishing materials for covering permanent furnishing features. One of the most popular applications of this type today is the kitchen island: thanks to the two different thicknesses of 6 and 12 mm, a stoneware covering allows continuity between floor and island, or finishing of the top and sides with the same material. Thanks to the new The Top maxi-sizes - 160x320 cm - the number of joints can now be reduced to a minimum, and the perfectly squared Marazzi slabs enable impeccable alignment.

The bathroom is another part of the home that normally requires made-to-measure solutions, and maxi-size slabs can be used both for countertops and to line washbasins. Thanks to the technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware, immaculate appearance can be combined with unique convenience in terms of easy cleaning and care.

Compared to other covering materials, stoneware offers a vast assortment of finishes to choose from. In fact, The Top is available in concrete, marble, metal and stone effects, and with natural, satiny, glossy or metal surfaces, depending on the inspiration material, as well as in solid black and white.

The Top maxi-slabs therefore offer immense compositional potentials, and are an invaluable option for even the most challenging projects.

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