Thin ceramic coverings. For a new look in double-quick time

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When you wish to give your home a new look, the coverings are the first to be changed to bring interiors up to date, whether you are moving into a new home or simply find your living-spaces are no longer to your taste.

It is not always possible to undertake invasive restructuring work involving demolition and rebuilding, but there are solutions with which we can overlay new surfaces on the existing ones within just a few millimetres.

We all know the benefits of ceramics: they are hygienic, tough and easy to care for and now, for several Marazzi collections, they offer a very low thickness. In particular, there are two wall tile collections that meet this growing demand from the architecture market.

New wall covering products

The Marazzi assortment of Thin Wall Coverings has now been enlarged with two additional collections: White Deco, with snowy white monochrome plain tiles accompanied by floral, botanical or tropical decorations, and Momenti, with its bright colours and matt surface, both in a large size (60×180 cm and 40×120 cm respectively).

Both series are slimline-thickness, 7 mm for White Deco and 6 mm for Momenti, making them ideal for renovation and for the free creation – thanks to the large selection of decors produced using innovative technologies which put the details in slight relief – of intriguing three-dimensional effects on the wall, in sophisticated, contemporary shades.

The special advantage of extra-thin ceramics is that they can be used directly on the existing surface, on both ceramics and natural stone or marble. When installing on vertical surfaces, the substrate must be inspected to ensure that it is in good condition and perfectly dry.

When covering new walls, it is sufficient to make sure that they have completed their curing shrinkage and that the substrate is free from cracks and completely dry. After cleaning the installation surface thoroughly and checking that the wall is flat, proceed to apply the adhesive and install the tiles.

The quick, safe installation of slimline-thickness ceramics for covering vertical surfaces gives access to a very wide variety of finishes: from collections inspired by marbles and stones to woods and the more contemporary concrete and metal effect textures. These solutions can be modulated with an equally wide range of shades, decors and 3D surfaces. This technical and aesthetic solution thus offers a swift, versatile response to the need to renew interiors in the most widely varying contexts.