The natural factor in the home: the current “musts” wood (-look) and stone (-look).

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The natural factor in the home: the current “musts” wood (-look) and stone (-look). - 1

A home’s finishings, whether chosen by its owners or “inherited”, affect the lives of everyone who ...

Thanks to the home furnishing magazines, television and the many interior design stores, the situation has evolved over the last few years to the point where there is no general received opinion on how to furnish a home, but rather a vast assortment of types of materials, covering all tastes and styles. The choice of all these materials is able to transform any insignificant room into a fantastic space.
Every material has its own specific characteristics, including its warmth, typical vein patterns, weight and heat transmission.
Thanks to different treatments and processes, each material also has a series of additional variants, which provide often completely different physical properties. Non-stop technological innovation ensures that changes come thick and vast, with an ever-increasing assortment of products thanks to progress that has provided us with new treatments for the surfaces of old materials.
Nowadays we have a variety of uses and combinations that provide the basis for truly surprising, and even amusing, results.
These developments have also helped to reduce prices, allowing many of us to use materials that were once absolutely unaffordable.
Today, especially in ceramic coverings, where technological process has proceeded at breakneck pace during the last decade, we have stonewares that provide an absolutely astonishing reinterpretation of wood or stone, and which can be used in a variety of contexts where wood or natural stone were often not installed because of objective limitations of the material itself, such as bathrooms or kitchens.
In its Treverkhome collection, Marazzi offers an elegant “Wood-look stoneware” in 3 different sizes chosen to resemble the planks in a parquet floor (30x120, 20x120 and 15x120). 
These natural, warm, tactile coverings offer an uncannily accurate interpretation of larch, elm, birch, oak, chestnut and oak, with very attractive results.
As an alternative, EvolutionStone is the name of the “stone-look” stoneware range. In this “package” Marazzi reinterprets 8 types of stone: Brera, Malaga, Quartzite, Piasentina, Luserna, Pierre Bleue, Serena and Ardesia, all in two finishes for indoor or outdoor use to provide seamless continuity throughout living-spaces, combining a natural look with outstanding technical features: the structured surfaces have excellent anti-slip properties, developed specifically for outdoor use.
Both TreverkHome and EvolutionStone, 100% Italian-made, hold LEED certification since they are manufactured using 25% recycled material, allowing their use in energy-efficient, environment-friendly sustainable building.
So what are we waiting for? We have only to bring our own taste to bear, to choose the material that’s best for us!