Tailor-made stoneware slabs for a modern restaurant in Brussels

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We are near Brussels airport, at Diegem. The ground floor of the Marriott Residence Inn, a 127-room long-stay hotel built in 2020, houses a colourful, modern restaurant.

The Creneau International team of interior designers, working with the Arch & Teco architecture firm, selected The Top, the Marazzi range of large slabs 6 or 12 mm thick specially produced for covering counters, tables and tailor-made furnishings. From the many material-effect variants in the Grande Stone Look assortment, the designers chose the variegated, uneven texture of the Ceppo di Gré stone look. The slabs 12 mm thick, in the 162 x 324 cm size, were custom-cut to fit the curves of the counter, a fine example of their ability to respond to the individual creative inspirations of the designers, who also used the same Mystone Ceppo di Gré stoneware as a floor insert. Moreover, the use of the maxi-sizes eliminated joints from the surfaces, with major benefits in terms of hygiene and maintenance.

In commercial or hospitality industry interiors, it is often necessary to match materials and finishes to reduce the number of different surfaces used, for reasons of convenience and logistics. Porcelain stoneware is a perfect design solution from this point of view, able to offer an immaculate appearance, outstanding performances, and excellent value for money.

Thanks to technological progress and investments in research and development, it is now possible to use ceramic maxi-slabs of previously unthinkable sizes, which can be cut and shaped to meet the needs of the project. Moreover, porcelain stoneware’s physical and technical characteristics make it suitable for the most widely different uses: on floors, on walls, indoors and outdoors, as a covering or as an interior design surface for tables, countertops, furniture and backsplashes.
Tough, non-absorbent, non-deforming, hygienic, environment-friendly, lightweight, flame-retardant and transformist, it is able to reproduce an infinity of materials with incredible realism.

So it is hard to resist when choosing the materials for an interior design project. Especially if, as in this case, the interior designers wish to reproduce the same finish as the countertop on the floor, bearing in mind that in both cases the features to be covered were curved.

The style of Ceppo di Gré fits perfectly into the interior design of this restaurant with its young, modern, colourful mood. Honey-colour wood and warm shades, especially the rust of the structural elements, appear alongside the delicate greys, to create a relaxing, informal atmosphere.


Concept: Creneau International
Architecture: Arch & Teco
Project realised in partnership with Artimar