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Marazzi Porcelain Stoneware enhances digital IperHotel - 1

In the digital space of Palazzo Morando, Elle Decor has inaugured IperHotel, an installation by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba that redesigns locations for socialisation with the aid of a virtual storytelling that the architects themselves define as almost hyper-realistic. This augmented dimension has provided the ideal context for Marazzi products to express their genuine characteristics, in a digital space that “augments” knowledge of them and enables appreciation of their performances.

Carácter makes its debut

The new Carácter collection covers the spa area of the IperHotel and the adjoining spaces. In porcelain stoneware, the Mix Gris version chosen for the spa features included pebbles of different shapes, sizes and colours to create a truly unique surface.

Carácter is the first Marazzi line manufactured with the innovative Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology, which guarantees exceptional antibacterial, hygiene and surface protection properties.  An impressive set of performances further enhanced by the innovative StepWise™ finish, with its surface that is soft-touch but reinforced with a leading-edge anti-slip solution. The wide range of sizes and surface finishes offers an elegance easily adaptable to all living spaces. Design with strong green sensibilities: these products are manufactured with 40% recycled material.


Only Grande is this versatile

Grande by Marazzi, an incredibly versatile, strong, lightweight material, offers infinite architectural and customisation potentials. In a large size, 6 millimetres thick, in a variety of looks from marble to concrete and from metal to stone, as well as resin and solid colours, for a collection of porcelain stoneware slabs ideal for covering surfaces and for giving personality to architectural projects involving energy-saving claddings.

Grande’s different incarnations can be viewed by touring the spaces of the IperHotel: the music lounge is decorated with Grande Marble Look Golden White, while the art and reading lounges are finished with Grande Marble Look Grigio Carnico and Ghiara Palladiana. In the intimate interiors of the suites,

Grande Stone Look Ceppo di Gré Grey pays homage to Milan’s distinctive identity and building tradition.

The restaurant welcomes guests in an interior finished with Grande Solid Color look White, the glamour of gleaming yet compact total white, conceived for large, seamless surfaces.


An imperial reception

The top of the check-in desk is covered with The Top Marble Look Imperiale 12 mm porcelain stoneware, one of the selection of Marazzi slabs specifically intended for the creation of tops and an infinity of tailor-made furnishing options.  A homage to the finest, rarest marbles of the Italian decorative tradition was de rigueur in this setting!


Elle Decor Grand Hotel

based on idea of @elledecoritalia


Project by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba @palombaserafini

Digital Design @150UP