Summer’s here, let’s live outdoors!

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Summer's here, let's live outdoors with our floor tiles! - 1

The outdoor areas of our homes, whether patios, gardens or balconies, are increasingly becoming places where...

The outdoor areas of our homes, whether patios, gardens or balconies, are increasingly becoming places where, weather permitting, we like to spend our free time. In effect, they are becoming extra rooms for seasonal use, requiring almost as much care as the rest of our homes, an extension of our living space into the outdoors. A large balcony is a benefit we should make the most of, especially if we live in an apartment block in a city centre, where large gardens are few and far between. House-hunting Italians give fundamental importance to this feature, actually putting it top of the list on a number of recent surveys and statistics. 

Patios, balconies and gardens are places where we can do lots of different things, relax or have fun, eat or study. They provide our homes with extra floor area, mainly outdoors, which we should use in the best possible way. To enable us to get the most from our patios, we need roofs or awnings to provide protection against direct sunlight and if necessary also from rain and dew. 

For these outdoor spaces to be used effectively, they have to be equipped with furnishings and features that make them convenient and comfortable, as well as good to look at, from ornamental plants to actual furniture. Of course, we must not forget ornamental items that will beautify our outdoor space and give it personality. As well as pottery flower pots and tubs, or white or coloured containers, absolutely essential additions to any outdoor area, we should also bear in mind candles, cushions and poufs, which help to create a bright, attractive mood. Plants are in fact amongst the chief ornamental features, perfect for beautifying the whole area: climbing plants, geraniums and succulents can be used, or simply herbs, easy to manage even for those without green fingers... like me! 

So here are some useful hints for making good use of patios: 

All it takes is the right idea to add that special something. Marazzi offers a choice of its many options for creating continuity between indoors and out, a fundamental factor for those who wish their outdoor areas to be an integral part of their living space. 

The new extra-thick  outdoor floor tiles: - Multiquartz20, SistemN20 and Treverkhome20 - are very attractive and very convenient because they also come in an indoor version. These are ceramic coverings suitable for outdoor use, an easy way of designing spaces outside the home; they are the perfect combination of technical performance (strength, durability and anti-slip surfaces) and appearance. Porcelain tiles that are immutable over time, easy to lay and clean. In addition to conventional installation with adhesive, it can also be laid “dry” on sand, gravel and grass.