Special Bathroom: Stylish and Decorative

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Two ideas for an eclectic interior where you can express your personality.

Not just minimalism, lines pared back to the mere essential or delicate colours that evoke the idea of purity and hygiene. The bathroom can also offer the opposite: a room rich in details where you can express your personality.

As at the Vittoriale degli Italiani, the house built on Lake Garda by Gabriele d’Annunzio, the bathroom becomes a richly furnished interior, a cabinet de curiosités, decorated with paintings, ornaments and sculptures, and with sanitary fixtures in unusual colours, just as in the homes of the wealthy middle class of the XIX Century it expanded to impressive sizes. Today, instead of being lost in vast spaces, the key constituents of the bathroom – from the washbasin to the bathtub and shower, and the decoration of the floors and walls – all participate in a dialogue, to generate a sensation of wellbeing and, above all, to represent the needs and tastes of the room’s users.

With the establishment of a culture increasingly focused on personal expression, our relationship with domestic space has moved on from an attitude focused on functionality to a more creative approach to the composition of spaces.

The bathroom is no exception. In this situation, we have prioritised a strongly decorative character, defined by both the architecture, through a large circular window that dominates the room and complements the sinuous forms of the shower, and the wall coverings.

In the first version, we have used shades of pink, in the mosaic and in the Carioca decor of the Eclettica collection; the second composition is built around shades of blue and white, using the Mix decor of the Scenario collection.


Project & Styling: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio


Stylish & decorative Grande + Eclettica

Floor: M7GM Grande Marble Look Terrazzo Grey Rect. 160×320

Wall: M1AN Eclettica Decoro Carioca Cream 40×120

M7GS Grande Resin Look Grigio Satin Rect. 120×278

Shower Covering: M3S0 Eclettica Mosaico Rose 40×40




Chair: #018 by Tato

Table: Cesar by Minotti

Wall light: Float by Articolo Lighting

Ceiling light: Berlin by Oluce

Robe: Lipe by Society Limonta

Towel: Lipe by Society Limonta


Stylish & decorative Zellige + Scenario + Grande Resin Look

Floor: M8S8 Crogiolo Scenario Azzurro Lux 20×20

Wall: M7GR Grande Resin Look Bianco Satin Rect. 120×278

M8S7 Crogiolo Scenario Blu Lux 20×20

M92L Crogiolo Scenario Decoro Mix Lux 20×20

Shower Covering: M5S0 Crogiolo Zellige Gesso 10×10



Chair: #018 by Tato

Pouf: Circus Pouf by Normann Copenhagen

Wall light: Coppa Aperta by Tato

Ceiling light: Berlin by Oluce

Single lever shower tap: Coral Doccia by Webert

Shower head: Webert