Special Bathroom: Small Solutions

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Two suggestions that give importance and character to small bathrooms.

Over history, the home bathroom has reflected the evolving needs and requirements generated by changing lifestyles. For many years, it was a space only for the use of the home’s owners, often with opulent comforts and furnishings for the most luxurious experience possible. When homes became smaller, it became a mainly functional room containing the strictly necessary sanitary fixtures and household appliances, in a fairly standardised way.

In fact, for a long time the bathroom was seen as a separate room from the rest of the house, to the point where it was cut off or concealed from the other areas in the home. More recently, interest in this room has been renewed, and it is now perceived, even if small, as a place where we can spend valuable time and care for ourselves, on a par with the home’s other interiors. So the design world has come up with a large range of ideas for maximising space, helping to keep it neat and tidy, and giving it added “warmth” with the aid of materials and colours.

Solutions for even the smallest bathrooms now tend to give importance to the interior design style and to create a room with personality, especially through coverings. The challenge we set ourselves was to make a bathroom of 2×3 metres attractive and practical with fascinating combinations of material looks, such as the Digit Arky decor from the Alchimia collection with the Vero wood-effect in Rovere finish, or Tappeto 6 from the D_Segni Blend collection alongside Polvere colour Grande Marble Look Ghiara Calcina, to bring uniqueness and distinction to home bathrooms of standard size.


Project & Styling: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio



Small Solution Vero + Alchimia

Floor: M7C0 Vero Rovere Rect. 20×120

Wall: M17X Alchimia Grey 60×180, M185 Alchimia Grey Struttura Wabi 3D 60×180 – 9 mm

Shower Covering: M18S Alchimia Decoro Arky White 60×180


Small Solution Grande + D_Segni Blend

Floor: M879 Grande Marble Look Ghiara Calcina Polvere 120×120 – 6mm

Wall: M7GT Grande Resin Look Beige Satin Rect. 120×278

Shower Covering: M610 Crogiolo D_Segni Blend Tappeto 6 Terra 20×20