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Special Bathroom: Pure Nordic

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Special Bathroom: Pure Nordic

Two bathroom ideas in simple style where the bond with nature is all-important.

Simplicity, practicality and convenience are central to Nordic design, which first made an impact in the 1950s and has had such a strong influence on European architecture and interior design.

Materials, surfaces and objects all combine to create rooms that seem to be built around people’s needs, with a direct, spontaneous interaction. Thanks to their often pared-down aesthetic and preference for natural colours and untreated materials, interiors often have a timeless image, untouched by fashions. However, their style is not frosty or minimalist but rather warm and welcoming, with a natural sense of harmony.

The main goal of Nordic interiors is to take advantage of the precious resource that is natural light. Thus, even artificial lighting is used to emphasise and compensate for daylight.

In bathrooms, nowadays this trend is reflected in plain, well-lit interiors inspired by nature: the bathroom has simple, stylised lines that prioritise pure functionality.

In the two featured stylings, both bathrooms have the large windows central to Nordic design, which allow plenty of natural daylight to enter. The furnishings, with simple shapes, consisting of just a few iconic pieces, well distributed through the room and combined with wall coverings in delicate colours. On the one hand, tiles from the Magnifica Limestone Sand collection, combined with the Vero wood look in a pale colour (Natural), installed in a herringbone pattern. On the other, the matt, textured finishes typical of the Mystone Moon porcelain stoneware, in grey and white, contrast with the shine of the Lume White collection wall coverings. The overall effect is one of simplicity and uniformity, with large spaces and tastefully balanced forms.

Pure Nordic Bathroom Vero + Magnifica

Flor: M7AY Vero Natural Rett. 20x120

Wall:M5V1 Magnifica Limestone Sand Struttura Mikado 3D 60x180

M5U6 Magnifica Limestone Sand Rett. 60x180

M8FP Magnifica Mosaico Strip Inserto Metallo Limestone Sand 60x180

Bath covering:M8GP Magnifica Mosaico Stick Limestone Sand 29x38



Small table: Androgyne di Menu

Towel: Lipe di Society Limonta

Bathrobe: Lipe di Society Limonta

Wall lamp: Beaubien di Lambert & Fils

Ground Lamp: Aj di Louis Poulsen

Bench: Palissade di Hay

Chair: The Hunting Chair 2229 di Fredericia Furniture


Pure Nordic Bathroom Grande Marble Look + Lume+ Mystone Moon

Floor: M87E Grande Marble Look Ghiara Minuta Bicolor Rett. 120x120

Wall:M8AX Mystone Moon White Rett. 90x180

M6AV Mystone Moon Grey Rett. 90x180

M6RN Crogiolo Lume White 6x24

Shower Covering:M8JZ Mystone Moon Mosaico Grey 30x30



Chair: 41 Paimio di Artek

Stool: 523 Tabouret Méribe di Cassina

Bench: Palissade di Hay

Wall lamp: Lampe de Marseille di Nemo

Ground Lamp: Aj di Louis Poulsen

Bath mixer: AA/27 Michael Anastassiades collezione Aboutwater di Fantini

Shower mixer: AF/21 Naoto Fukasawa  collezione Aboutwater di Fantini

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