Slimline ceramic wall coverings which are perfect to renovate your home

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Marazzi’s slimline collections are the ideal solution for restyling and renovations, today with new added finishes.

One of the most complex works when renovating your home is surely the renewal of wall coverings. The demolition of an existing wall covering is in fact an invasive and expensive operation: it is indispensible when you need to renovate utility systems that may be placed underneath it, but that can be otherwise avoided by applying a new wall covering on the existing one, obviously only after having analysed its solidity.

The ceramic slimline wall coverings have been designed for this exact purpose.

These tiles have a reduced thickness, either 6 or 7 mm, which makes them perfect in case there is a need to apply them on an existing wall covering: the slim thickness makes the installation much simpler, since the slabs are lighter and easier to carry.

The slim thickness is available in various Marazzi collections, in order to satisfy the most varied design and creative requirements.

In order to offer an increasingly wider range, these lines are now available in new interesting finishes.

The collections offering slimline, large-size ceramic wall coverings are Essenziale, in total white, for the minimal style lovers, now also in the new textured versions Ars and Micromos and in metal finish; Oficina7, an original and creative collection available in a wide range of patterns and colours.

Concreta reinterprets the tactile beauty of clay and concrete, through a range of neutral and natural colours, including aquamarine blue.

Evolutionmarble, finally, is the stoneware reproducing the effect of the finest marbles, with original and sophisticated finishes, perfect for highly aesthetic spaces.