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Large-size SistemB material gives strength and continuity

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SistemB - strength and continuity for a unique project - 1

A project with simple lines in which the large-size SistemB material becomes key to establishing the architecture's formal and symbolic character

Located in the south of Sardinia, Casa S is a project arising from the wish of a young family, with 7 members, to create a "home for life”. The architectural project focuses on rational distribution, ensuring that every family member has the space he or she requires and considering the level of privacy of the individual rooms, and the appropriate sunlight exposure.

The building is enclosed and protected by an intentionally simple pitched roof, which references the archetypal "house", the kind every child draws and dreams of.
The roof forms part of a continuous outer shell that embraces the house from side to side, behaving in different ways depending on the rooms covered. On the north-east elevation, where the functional rooms are located, the outer shell appears defensive in character, with very tightly controlled, evenly spaced windows. On the opposite side, on the other hand, it opens out to allow the light into the main rooms, supported by three roof-height walls structures.

The contrast between the shell and the underlying part of the building is highlighted by the use of two different materials: the enclosing function of the shell and roof is emphasised by the use of large-sized SistemB dark grey porcelain stoneware (60x120 cm), while the section below will be rendered and painted white.

The large-sized ceramic tiles chosen to highlight the roof's formal and symbolic status are the new SistemB fine porcelain stoneware from the Marazzi Tecnica line, available in a vast selection of shades that adapt very effectively to the most widely different styles.

The use of ceramics was a key feature of the project. This material allowed the roof and vertical façades to be clad with a seamless covering, creating the effect of a single shell, protecting the house beneath.

The use of SistemB rectified porcelain stoneware in a large size, with joints grouted in a matching colour, supplied the overall impression of strength and continuity sought by the architect.
As well as for the roof and outer shell, in this project Marazzi ceramic tiles were also widely used for the outdoor pavings and the bathrooms.

Specifically, the material chosen for the outdoor pavings was Block by Marazzi, in fine porcelain stoneware with a distinctive trowelled surface which alternates a lux and matt effect. The home's bathrooms were given a distinctive personality with a concrete effect, with a carefully calculated alternating use of the Progress line, which updates the appeal of traditional cement tiles in a simple, elegant ceramic tile collection, and Clays, a product which combines the looks of concrete and terracotta, creating a surface with intense variations in shade.