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“Sharing” is the key theme of this edition of Maison&Objet, in Paris on 5-9 September 2014.

Who of us hasn’t clicked on the “share” icon at least once? The world of social media has catapulted us into the age of sharing, which is now extending beyond the borders of the digital universe and having a dramatic influence on other areas of life.

 “Sharing” is the key theme of this edition of Maison&Objet, in Paris on 5-9 September 2014 (Watch the video). The Trend Book, on display in Hall 7 in the area designed by Vincent Grégoire for Nelly Rodi, François Bernard and Elizabeth Leriche is, in fact, a reflection of the new influences “sharing” is having on design and decoration, and explores the dynamics of “creative sharing”, with its prospects for a more benevolent, less selfish future.

As devoted users of the “share” icon, we can be classified as a “G for generous” generation, where “We” becomes more important than the cynical “I”. “Sharing” is introducing new habits and customs and is reconfiguring the ways we spend time together and exchange information, goods, services and experiences, which are becoming more democratic and less exclusive.

In architecture and design, this new sharing concept is expressed as the “contamination” or “reinterpretation” of styles, materials, colours and forms.

Marazzi stand, within Maison&Objet | projets | - the area specifically for developers, architects, professionals and designers in hall 7 - is displaying Block, Treverkchic and Evolutionmarble. These collections, stoneware reinterpretations of resin, wood and marble respectively, fit perfectly into the mood of the show as a whole. Thanks to its blend of versatility, beauty and technical qualities, stoneware is a material that can be “shared” by all the rooms in the home, covering vertical and horizontal surfaces, and it is also “democratic”, sustainable in terms of both costs and the environment.