A rich pattern of green and stone-effect stoneware for the redevelopment of the Scrigno headquarters

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A large green square and a rich assortment of natural elements to improve the visual comfort and microclimate of the working environment.

A landscape project that redefines the overall intervention: this is the starting point for the redevelopment of the headquarters of Scrigno SpA, a leading company in the design and production of counter frames for doors and windows. The project was intended above all to renew the company’s image, the expression of a production site that manages to evolve by keeping up with the new quality requirements for working environments.

The project, directed by the Giacobbi Venturini Ferrini firm and PAMPA Progetto Ambiente Paesaggio, takes inspiration from the surrounding landscape, retracing its characteristic features and the dialogue between buildings and the local area.

The entire project is conceived as a large green square where people can stop for a lunch break or an informal work meeting, with the aim of improving the environment’s visual comfort and microclimate.

Visitors are guided by a long stretch of water that runs from the entrance to the conference room/showroom. Above this last area, a large panoramic terrace has been created to host events, an outdoor space adorned with hanging gardens from which you can appreciate the entire redevelopment project.

Even the company’s products are clearly used to renew its image. The painted metal sheets turned into a ventilated wall and used to cover the architectural volumes are made by Scrigno.

The climbing vegetation, which will contribute to improving shade and environmental quality, will over time cover the arched American beams that start from the ground and embrace the new volumes up to the roof of the building.

The rectilinear pool, one of the project’s key elements, which is flanked by a row of white poplars, ends in a sudden drop in which the flowing water disappears into the ground which becomes a bed of pebbles. Three large grass dunes are reminiscent of arable land, yet at the same time are inspired by the curvature of the roofs of industrial plants. Between the dark glass façade of the exhibition space and the highest dune, there is a secret garden that is not visible from the entrance, which can be crossed, offering an additional space for rest and relaxation during work breaks.

The Marazzi Pietra di Vals collection, porcelain stoneware inspired by the rarest quartzites selected in the anthracite colour variant, perfectly dialogues, indoors and outdoors, with natural elements and other materials chosen by the designers. The installation pattern of the stoneware, in the 60×120 cm size, accompanies the visitor’s route, covering the floor of the terrace and of the ornamental pool, as well as the seats, volumes and walls of the pool and the terrace handrail with the 2 cm version.

The aesthetic solidity of the stone effect is combined with the technical and functional versatility of stoneware through cuts and laying joints that perfectly express this material’s exterior design potential.

Project by:
Michele Giacobbi

Landscape design by:
PAMPA Progetto Ambiente Paesaggio
Filippo Piva, Cristian Guidi

Ph Elodie Cavallaro