#puntidivista: Piuarch with Marazzi at Ca’ Granda

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#puntidivista: Piuarch with Marazzi at Ca’ Granda - 1

Thousands of photos, from selfies to artists’ shots, by friends, friends of friends, students and design aficionados, offer views of the installation designed by Piuarch at Ca’ Granda in Milan with Marazzi.

Three modules that dialogue with the features of the Milan University building, the arch, the pillar and the frieze, three ways of looking, in, at or through, and thousands of ways of looking at oneself, reflected by the mirror-like surfaces which combine with the Marazzi Mystone stoneware and ceramic tiles to create unusual kaleidoscopic patterns.

The gallery contains a selection of the photos, while all the others can be viewed on Instagram.

#puntidivista #piuarch #marazzi

Until May 24, 2015, at Via Festa del Perdono 7, in Milan