Pottery, Imperfetto and Oficina7: bathrooms reach for red

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Pottery, Imperfetto and Oficina7: Bathroom Ideas - 1

Ceramic inspirations to spice up the smallest room in the house

Long gone are the days when the bathroom was purely a functional space. Nowadays bathrooms are just as important as any other room in the home, and are the focus of meticulous design choices that increasingly reflect individual mood and personal taste. As such, they also allow ample opportunity for experimentation with colour and finishes. For example, how about livening up the smallest room in the house with a touch of red
Let's see three different proposals in red by Marazzi.

Pottery is the first Marazzi proposal for an exquisitely tasteful, modern bathroom in red. The collection is inspired by traditional majolica ware, reinterpreted in a contemporary vein. 3D geometric finishes, mosaic tiles and azulejos are available in seven different colours ranging from vivid shades to neutral tones. The crystalline glaze gives the Pottery tiles a unique lustre that enhances the different finishes.
For a bathroom with trendy vintage overtones, the azulejos tiles, inspired by Portuguese tradition, are simply perfect. If, on the other hand, you have more of a penchant for minimal interiors and pronounced geometric designs, the 3D structure is the perfect solution.

The second proposal  Imperfetto coloured bathroom tiles - is for those in search of a contemporary look that also offers a charming "handmade" quality. Indeed, the surface is enriched with “imperfections”, carefully designed to enhance the tiles with unique added value.
For an elegant mood, try pairing Imperfetto in carmine red with the opalescent version in a neutral colour. For a nostalgic touch, add some tone-on-tone floral decorative details.

The third proposal is for the most creative and unconventional characters.
Oficina7 is the bathroom tile in a large size that is inspired by soft, tactile plaster, enriched with several decorative solutions.
A single accent colour - red - connects the seven warm and cold hues of the collection, proposed in various decorative panels that can be assembled as desired. Floral elements, brush-strokes, handwritten quotes, for a romantic and creative mood.

Let the photo gallery inspire you and ask yourself: what mood do you wish to create in your own bathroom?