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A penthouse in Spain as an example of contemporary mountain design

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Wood-effect and Stone-effect Stoneware for a Spanish Penthouse - Marazzi - 1

Marazzi’s wood-effect and stone-effect stoneware offers a contemporary reworking of classic materials

How can you avoid losing a place’s mountain character without rejecting a contemporary, current style?

This penthouse designed by Spanish firm Bedeo certainly gives a lot of answers and inspiration regarding this subject.  The house is located in the mountains of the Catalan province of Lleida and is spread over two floors, offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountain landscapes.

The project has a distinctly contemporary style, but it fits perfectly with the landscape thanks to a careful selection of materials and finishes which are both contemporary and perfect for a mountain environment.

Naturally, it features wood, the standout feature of every mountain home, which is present in the project in many different variations:from floor to wall and from kitchen material to planks for the doors, furnishing elements and the ceiling.

A lot of natural wood, as well as wood-effect stonewarewas chosen by the designers in the natural oak version of Marazzi’sTreverktrend collection for the penthouse floor. Installed in every room, it also creates a very bold spatial continuity effect.

Stone is also one of the classic materials used in mountain homes. In this case, thanks to the use ofstone-effect stoneware, the material acquires a bolder, more contemporary character. Mystone Ardesiais used to define the darker volumes, while Stone Art is used to decorate the fireplace with a horizontal-striped 3D effect.

Finally, this Spanish penthouse features several decorative touches achieved with other ceramic coverings. In the master bathroom, cement tiles from the Materika collectiondecorate the main wall, while the same collection, in a Spatula structureversion, covers the nearby wall, perfectly matching the mountain wood.

Meanwhile, the guest bathroom features a mix of Treverktrend wood-effect stoneware and Clays terracotta-concrete-effect stoneware, chosen in the Lava shade and in the 60x120 cm size.


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