Not just indoor: outdoor coverings in porcelain stoneware for a villa near Ragusa, Sicily

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In this private villa, the Treverkever and Stonework collections create a harmonious community between spaces

We are used to seeing it, familiar and popular for its beauty and convenience, covering living areas, sleeping areas and bathrooms, walls or floors. But it is still a little unusual to imagine it on the facade of a private building. Villa LCis a luxurious private home designed by Sicilian architecture firm DFG Architetti, which chose to finish the external paved areas and facade with porcelain stoneware.

As we look at the pictures of this home, we seem to hear the distant murmur of the sea and smell the fragrance of the caper plants, which surround the villages with their perfume in summer and colour their drystone walls white.

We can feel the power of the surrounding landscape, the colours of which are repeated in the materials chosen for the architectural project, perfectly integrated into its context.

Part of the facade is finished with wood-look porcelain stoneware in 20×120 cm size from the Treverkever collection. The same material is chosen for the steps that lead down below the veranda and the edges of the flower beds. The colour adopted (Sand) is warm, contrasting with the black that emphasises the architectural forms themselves.

The anti-slip surface of the stone-look porcelain stoneware of the Stonework collection, on the other hand, is used for the paving leading to the spillover pool in the garden; the material is in a single size 30×60 cm and a pale colour (White) which adds light and breadth to what are already very large spaces.

Once again, stoneware proves its versatility and unbeatable convenience. The infinite material looks and natural colours are ideal for creating coverings that continue from indoors to outdoors, offering vast architectural potentials.

Credits: DFG Architetti
Photographs: Marcello Bocchieri