New Thin Floor ideas

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When renewing surfaces - without necessarily having to undertake invasive renovation works like demolition and reconstruction - opting for low-thickness, lightweight materials that are quick to install over existing surfaces is certainly an excellent choice.

Often, choosing slimline-thickness solutions is the best solution to technical constraints such as, for example, compliance with floor-to-ceiling height regulations, maintaining threshold levels, linking to existing floorings in other rooms, or the impracticality of removing existing finishes.

Within the Concrete Look product range, Cementum is the new collection available in nine sizes, eight colours and four decorations – from geometric to floral. To meet the demands of widespread use of ceramic stoneware, this collection includes a 6 mm-thick version for ‘Thin Floor’ installations: slimline-thickness stoneware tiles, ideal for covering existing floors.

To enable installation in the most widely varying contexts, the collection combines the sophisticated BodyPlus Premium Technology – innovative body mixes that blend naturally coloured raw materials with micro-pebbles, grits and flakes – with the non-slip properties of the StepWise Premium Technology.

Cementum thus extends the existing range of thin floor tiles in the Mystone Ardesia, Mystone Ceppo di Gré and Mystone Limestone collections, all inspired by natural stones.

A quick check for quality installation

Slimline thickness porcelain stoneware is usually installed by gluing over the old floor.
The substrate therefore has to meet specific requirements to ensure that the new finishing layer is installed over the existing flooring correctly. 

If the existing flooring is in good condition the procedure can go ahead without any particular difficulties. If there are cracks in the existing floor, a cushioning underlayment should be installed – especially for ceramic tiles – combined with a primer to facilitate its adhesion. Last but not least, if there are gaps in the existing floor or if it rings hollow, as if there were nothing underneath the surface, the deteriorated or damaged parts must be removed and the screed must be repaired.

Overlaying a new flooring is also an excellent opportunity for improving rooms’ soundproofing and thermal insulation by including an insulation mattress underneath the new covering. To ensure the best performances and the greatest durability, the mattress must be selected to suit the type of finish and the most appropriate installation method.

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