Mystone Quarzite and Lavagna: stoneware updates the strength and beauty of stone

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Nero, Platino, Bianco: new-colours for stone-effect coverings - 1

Cutting-edge technologies for the various versions of the Mystone stone-effect stoneware collection by Marazzi

Porcelain stoneware meets today’s need to combine the stone building tradition with outstanding technical performances, and what’s more it no longer delivers mere copies: with its many evolutions, production types and forms, it has become a natural material in its own right.
With the large Mystone collection, on the one hand Marazzi refers back to nature by emphasising the vein patterns of the individual stones, while on the other it provides all the convenience needed in today’s contexts, large and small – whether a private home, a patio, the interiors of a boutique hotel or a spa.

A generation of stone-effect stoneware products made with cutting-edge technologies to combine style with performance. Two of these collections – Mystone Quarzite and Lavagna – deliver the plain elegance of taste required for the simplest home designs.

With Mystone Quarzite, Marazzi provides its own, exquisite interpretation of a rare stone, highly prized due to its unique appearance. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock consisting mainly of quartz, which provides the distinctive sparkle underlying its special, vibrant look. In the Marazzi stone-effect stoneware collection, this stone’s unusual gleam, combined with the typical, varied patterning of quartzite, makes every single piece a unique, unrepeatable product. The neutral shades of the stone-effect stoneware in the Mystone Quarzite collection are ideal for contemporary design schemes and for meeting the need for indoor&outdoor continuity, since it is suitable for installation both inside and outside buildings. The Quarzite collection, in 4 sizes and 2 surfaces (natural and structured) also responds magnificently to the most widely different architectural needs, giving interiors originality combined with convenience.

Mystone Lavagna is inspired by slate, the famous “blackboard stone”. The austere beauty of the inspiration stone, with the lovely texture of sedimentary rocks, is interpreted in stoneware with great accuracy and originality. The surface, patterns and structure of the dark original stone, caused by the carbon residues, which oxidise in contact with air and sun, acquire a different allure in the new reinterpretation in white. The result: a perfect balance of strength and delicacy, softness and durability.

With Mystone Lavagna, Marazzi achieves stone-effect stoneware products ideal for indoor and outdoor pavings and floor and wall coverings, once again with the potential for unbroken visual continuity between indoors/outdoors.