Mystone Travertino, giving new life to history

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The stone the ancient Romans called Lapis Tiburtinus was one of their favourite building materials: travertine, used to construct the Flavian Amphitheatre, known to us as the Colosseum and, many centuries later, the Colonnade of St Peter’s Square.

Due to its compact consistency, it could be finished in many different ways; it was also hard-wearing, and its low porosity made it resistant to water. It was, and is, a timeless material.

This ancient material’s compact consistency and resistance have now merged with the latest, most innovative production techniques, created by the Marazzi Laboratories. This combination has given us the new Mystone Travertino stoneware, which bestows a strongly contemporary character on this traditional Italian building stone.

Details and flaws are precisely reproduced thanks to Sublime Sync digital printing, in which the design is perfectly matched with the structure of the surface finish, giving it a depth that has never been achieved before.

This new production solution combines high-definition digital printing, with its precise alternations of glossy and matt shades, with equally high-definition production processes that define and customise multiple surface textures. Shade and structure merge to perfection in the texture of the travertine surface, with all the typical porosity of the antique material. 

The performances of the Mystone Travertino collection’s surfaces are enhanced with the StepWise technology, which creates a soft-touch finish, depth and excellent anti-slip properties, and High Performance, for superlative technical characteristics compliant with the toughest international standards.

The innovative solutions applicable to the Mystone Travertino collection make it ideal for both residential and contract applications, both indoors and in the most widely varying outdoor locations, since it can withstand the heaviest wear.

Light beige, light grey and cream (Classico, Navona and Silver) are the three new colours matched with three textures to reproduce types of stone that differ in appearance and feel.

There are two decors – Classic and Botanic -, three mosaics (Freccia, Ovale and in Chips) and four sizes (90×180, 60×60, 60×120 and 30×60 centimetres). The finishes, one softer and warmer and the other more glossy and sophisticated, highlight the expressive potential of Mystone Travertino, which has already become a classic, and an attractive accompaniment to many other products in the large Marazzi 2021 Catalogue.

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