Mystone Bluestone, charming shades of grey for the new Marazzi stone-effect stoneware

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Mystone Bluestone, 20mm Stoneware for Ventilated Walls - 1

With Mystone Bluestone it is possible to design in&out spaces, residential and commercial premises and ventilated walls without mitigating the unique effect of Pierre Bleu de Soignies 

Stone has always been one of the most popular materials with architects and designers for its tactile and contemporary effect. The Mystone collections by Marazzi are inspired by the elegance of stone: porcelain stoneware that interprets the beauty of natural stone in the form of an innovative hi-tech material that guarantees high-level performance.

Marazzi’s latest solutions include Mystone Bluestone, a collection that reproduces the distinctive pattern and typical colours of Pierre Bleu de Soignies, a material that takes its name from the town in Belgium where it is extracted.

Pierre Bleu de Soignies is a sedimentary rock with an extremely variegated appearance and an irregular pattern. Mainly grey in colour, it is available in numerous shades and has a characteristic patina which produces its typical grey-blue and black-blue nuances. The Marazzi collection of porcelain stoneware, a highly versatile material that guarantees excellent technical performances thanks to its natural, velvet and structured finishes and 3D mosaics, comes in the Grigio, Piombo and Antracite tones which echo the various shades of colour typical of Pierre Bleu de Soignies.

Suitable for both the indoors and outdoors, the collection is also the perfect solution for public and commercial premises, as well as for creating floor tiles that create a visual continuity between the indoors and the outdoors. For exteriors 20mm thick Mystone Bluestone is ideal: its substantial thickness, in combination with its structured anti-slip finish, makes it particularly suitable for outdoor installation, both with adhesive and dry on sand, gravel or grass. The collection is available in three different finishes — natural, velvet and structured — and includes a series of 3D mosaics to cover walls.

It is also a very interesting option for covering ventilated walls: an easy-maintenance material that is lighter and more resistant than stone, it allows you to aesthetically enhance your walls with its typical colours, texture and various different sizes.