The modern bathroom acquires sophistication with the aid of an updated Scandinavian style.

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Modern Bathroom in Nordic Style - 1

MAISON&OBJET launches a Scandinavian style with fresh materials and colours.

In terms of coverings, furniture and ornaments, the Scandinavian style is one of the most popular, in Italy as elsewhere. Simple, minimal forms that look attractive with widely varying types of interiors. This style is never out of fashion and, according to the trends highlighted at the recent MAISON&OBJET show in France, its most classical features have now been updated.

In fact, the all-white look is gradually giving way to more personalised interiors and dark colours (shades of grey, anthracite and black) or the use of sophisticated pastels, which recall the '30s and the architectural works of Le Corbusier, through the full range of greens (from mint/sage to moss green), pink (a major star for 2017), maroon, terracotta, mustard and dark blue.

These dark shades occur, for example, in highly tactile wall and floor tiles that resemble stone, concrete, or the slate-effect as in the following Marazzi products:

Powder, inspired by concrete as used for urban furnishing, is ideal for residential walls and floors. The collection comes in 5 colours and is completed by decors, hexagonal sizes, mosaics and original patterns.

Mystone Lavagna is inspired by slate (the famous "blackboard stone"), when it occurs in its darkest colour, black, because of carbon residues that oxidise in contact with the air and sunlight. Ideal for the coverings of modern, elegant interiors, it includes a series of brickwork and 3D mosaics, perfect for bringing variety to walls.

The materials of the traditional Scandinavian style have also been renewed.

Copper has been superseded by brass and black has replaced silvery chrome plating in ornaments and tap fittings, ideal for a modern bathroom, for example. The era of ultra-light coloured woods also seems to have been left behind, in favour of warmer, more mellow shades or even darker tones. These colours are used with very attractive results in the wood-effect stoneware collections.

Treverktrend is the wood-effect stoneware collection that features two stylistic languages: the more traditional for Rovere (oak) and the more contemporary, minimalist look for Larice (larch). As well as the 25x150 size, available for both finishes, the collection includes the 37.5x150 and 19x150 sizes, only available for Rovere (oak).

The Treverkmust collection, on the other hand, evokes the flavour of oiled, bleached wooden planks in two versions: large repaired knots, veining and colour variations in the basic version, and patterning without knots for the more refined alternative, Selection. The unusual 73,2x11.8 size is ideal for the distinctive chevron installation pattern.