Mist and Cast, the new 25x38 cm wall tiles rediscover the beauty of decoration

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Mist and Cast: oxidised metal and concrete effect - 1

Two new, highly decorative 25x38 cm wall tile collections, with patterns for combining or contrasting to suit individual taste

After years in which the predominant stylistic trend has been minimalism in forms and colours, today interior designers are rediscovering the beauty of decoration.

Coverings and furnishings feature a new, modern form of ornamentation that clads surfaces with different textures: patterns that can be combined or contrasted to give interior designs depth and greater character. So Marazzi has extended its range of wall tiles with two new collections in the 25x38 cm size, specifically designed to enhance walls’ appeal and personality.

The first of these is the new Mist collection of extremely tactile geometric patterns with an antique flavour, offering a discreet, tasteful concrete effect that is soft to the touch. Completely in line with the latest fashion for desaturated and pastel shades, Mist has a colour mix running from grey to beige by way of white and dark blue.
From the purely decorative point of view, the new Mist collection draws on the ceramic tradition, in a fresh, modern interpretation. So the catalogue includes decorations for creating different interior styles, inspired by the designs of antique majolica ware, with geometric patterns and more classic motifs, accompanied by rippled surfaces with a 3D effect.

The second new collection in the 25x38 cm size is Cast, comprising metal-effect wall tiles: with reflected glints and regular geometric patterns, it provides an extremely contemporary ingredient for vintage or industrial moods.
The new Cast collection fits perfectly into the trend for metallic finishes, one of the strongest recent fashions, reinterpreting the iridescent beauty of metals in 4 different shades. In the Cast collection, the gleam of oxidised metal is expressed not only in the cool Silver and Iron colours but also in warm Beige and Oxide.

Decors with stylised natural elements merge with bright touches of colour or blend into geometric motifs with exquisite finishes. This is another collection which makes it easy to be daring, by mixing the different colours with the mosaics and the three-dimensional effects of the Tide structure, for interior designs with an original, trendy personality.

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